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Meet your soil's new best friends, BioZomePLUS and BioZomeBOOST.These products are designed to amend, condition, and improve soil, making them the ideal choice for gardeners.

Both products contain beneficial soil and water bacteria (also known as microbes), mycorrhizae, and our secret ingredient "The Oppenheimer Formula". The primary difference between the two products is that BioZomeBOOST contains vital slow-release bio-nutrients.

Healthy soil is achieved through a balanced presence of beneficial microbes, similar to how humans require probiotics to maintain their gut health. If your soil does not contain friendly microbes, then your plants will not flourish.

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BioZomeBOOST and BioZomePLUS contain beneficial microbes that help in recycling organic material into basic components that are essential for plant growth. This process creates a nutrient-rich environment that promotes healthy soil and robust plant growth.

By providing a nutrient-rich environment, healthy soil leads to stronger roots, higher yields, and better-tasting produce, resulting in a healthier plant ecosystem.

With the use of natural methods, you can achieve nutrient-rich soil, providing your plants with the best possible growing environment. This ensures that they have the support they need to thrive and flourish.

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Healthy Soil = Happy Plants

Our products enhance soil quality, improve nutrient levels, and promote healthy earthworm populations while removing harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides.

BioZomeBOOST and BioZomePLUS consist of ingredients that work like superheroes in your soil. These simple yet effective ingredients provide plants with all the necessary nutrients they need to thrive. We do not use any animal products, GMOs, or unnecessary fillers in our products.

Say goodbye to the struggle of keeping your plants alive and say hello to a thriving garden! Our amazing products will help you create a beautiful and flourishing garden. Let's transform your garden into a happy and healthy paradise together!

  • BioZomeBOOST

    Contains organic microbes, essential time-release bio-nutrients, and organic mycorrhizae. Ideal for average, poor, or damaged soil. Specially formulated to jumpstart plant development and growth. Can be applied at any growth stage. Designed to perform well in all soil and weather conditions.

  • biozomeplus or biozomeboost
  • BioZomePLUS

    Contains organic microbes and organic mycorrhizae. Suitable for treating soil before or during planting, and at any stage of growth, as long as the soil already has the necessary nutrients to support plants. Designed to perform well in all soil and weather conditions.

Perfect for all plants – indoors or out, from seeds to seedlings to fruit trees, our products nurture every leaf and root.

  • safe and natural soil and water microbes

    Organic + Non-GMO

    Our products are carefully formulated to be safe, effective, and easy to use.

  • organic products that are safe for pets


    If you're like us, your pets love to help in the garden. That's why our products are safe for pets, people, pollinators, and the planet.

  • amending poor soil

    Suffer from bad soil?

    Embarrassed by the state of your garden and soil. Our products balance microbial life, nutrients, and soil structure.

  • bees on flower grown with biozomeboost


    Our commitment to people, pets, pollinators, and the planet is the reason behind every product we make.

  • Simple and Easy to Use

    Our products are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

  • summer garden crops after biozomeplus and biozomeboost

    Sustainable Solutions

    Our products assist gardeners in growing flourishing, sustainable gardens, resulting in greater yields and improved flavor.

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