• natural soil and water microbes

    Unleash the power of nature in your soil! Give your plants what they deserve with healthy soil.

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    BioZomeBOOST and BioZomePLUS contain natural soil and water archaea microbes.

  • safe organic products biozomeplus

    It's time to pamper your soil and watch your garden thrive!

Meet BioZomeBOOST and BioZomePLUS – your soil's new best friends. Packed with the best ingredients nature has to offer, including ancient archaea soil and water bacteria, mycorrhizae, and our secret ingredient The Oppenheimer Formula, your soil is in for a feast. Our microbes are like tiny superheroes for your soil, turning it into a nutrient superhighway for your plants. Imagine your garden soil supercharged with microscopic heros, transforming it into a thriving hub of nutrients that results in stronger and healthier plants.

Perfect for all plants – indoors or out, from seedlings to fruit trees, our products nurture every leaf and root.

Archaea soil and water microbes - Tiny Heroes

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  • BioZomeBOOST

    • Contains microbes + mycorrhizae + bio-nutrients.
    • For average, poor, or damaged soil.
    • Jumpstart your soil with vital nutrients and beneficial microbes.
    • Use on the planting day and then at any growth stage.
  • BioZomePLUS

    • Contains microbes + mycorrhizae.
    • If your soil already has the necessary nutrients to support plants.
    • 100% Organic.
    • Use to pretreat anytime before or during planting and then at any stage of growth.
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  • safe and natural soil and water microbes

    Organic + Non-GMO

    Our products are carefully formulated to be safe, effective, and easy to use.

  • organic soil and water biozome is safe for pets


    If you're like us, your pets love to help in the garden. That's why our products are safe for pets, people, pollinators, and the planet.

  • biozomeboost will help improve poor soil

    Suffer from bad soil?

    Embarrassed by the state of your garden and soil. Our products balance microbial life, nutrients, and soil structure.

  • organic matter increase soil retention in water

    Healthy soil retains more water.

  • milkweed grown on biozomeplus


    Our commitment to people, pets, pollinators, and the planet is the driving force behind every product we create.

  • Simple and Easy to Use

    Our products are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

  • biozomeboost improves soil quality

    Sustainable Solutions

    Our products assist gardeners in growing flourishing, sustainable gardens, resulting in greater yields and improved flavor.