Are the products safe?

Yes. Our products are organic, friendly to the environment, safe for humans, animals, pollinators, and plants. Non-toxic. Contains no pathogens. No GMO's and NO animal products. Clean and green! 

Are your products dry or liquid

All of our microbes are packaged in a dry powder. This gives a long shelf life (at least 5 years) and you add water when you want to use them.

How do I activate the soil and water microbes?

Tap water, well water, salt water or brackish water can be used. We recommend that you don't use over chlorinated tap water because it can harm the microbes.

Are your microbes genetically modified or engineered

No, They are Non-GMO. Our microbes are 100% natural and good organic fertilizers. They have been collected from natural water and soil sources.

Are your microbes genetically modified or engineered?

  • Non GMO. Our microbes are 100% natural. They have been collected from natural water and soil sources.

What happens if I inhale or ingest the product?

Obviously, not recommended. It will taste nasty, like eating mud, and the dust may make you sneeze, but it's non-toxic. Our products are safe for humans, fish, birds, animals, pollinators, and plants.

Do microbes need special treatment?

They need the same things as people need: oxygen, water, food (nutrients), and direct contact with whatever they are recycling.

What happens to the microbes after the material has been consumed?

The microbes will either die, return to former natural levels, or be eaten by other organisms. All part of the beautiful green natural cycle of Nature! 

I have soil that is contaminated with traces of herbicides and pesticides, will using your products help?

Our products will help to condition the soil, improve the plant root system, and remove traces of any harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Why are archaea soil bacteria important?

They are essential for healthy soil and play a crucial role in recycling nutrients and improving soil structure, which benefits plant growth.

How are archaea soil bacteria different fromother types of soil bacteria?

Archaea soil bacteria have unique characteristics and structures that set them apart
from other bacteria and organisms found in soil.

Can archaea soil bacteria be used in any industries?

Yes, archaea soil bacteria have been used in industries like bioremediation, where they help clean up environmental pollutants in soil, water, and wastewater.

How do archaea soil bacteria survive extremeconditions?

Archaea soil bacteria have special adaptations that allow them to survive in harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures and acidic or alkaline conditions.

Can archaea soil bacteria help gardens increase production?

Yes, archaea soil bacteria can improve garden productivity by aiding nutrient cycling, nitrogen fixation, and soil health, leading to better plant growth and higher yields

How old are archaea soil bacteria?

They have existed on Earth for millions of years and are considered one of the oldest forms of life.

What are archaea microbes?

These microbes are naturally occurring organisms that have been collected from natural water and soil sources around the world. They're selected for their love and affinity for consuming hydrocarbon-based products (like herbicides, pesticides, etc.) Microbes recycle!