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Our products, BioZomeBOOST and BioZomePLUS, are specifically designed for gardeners who are searching for eco-friendly solutions to enhance the quality of their soil and grow healthy plants. We strongly believe that healthy soil is the key to a thriving ecosystem.

Our approach focuses on balancing and promoting microbial life and soil structure while also improving nutrient intake. Nutrient-dense food and vibrant plants rely on the soil's health in which they grow. Achieve better gardening results by improving the soil by using our products that love to recycle organic matter. Our products can help you to get results in your flower and vegetable garden. Grow a healthier world, starting from the ground up!

We have two exceptional products that cater to different needs but share the same promise of nurturing your garden's health, BioZomeBOOST and BioZomePLUS. Both are available as a dry powder and come in biodegradable and resealable 4lb. bags.

BioZomeBOOST contains a blend of microbes, mycorrhizae, and essential bio-nutrients. BioZomePLUS contains a blend of microbes and mycorrhizae.

BioZomePLUS has more microbes than BioZomeBOOST.

Our recommendation

For you have healthy soil that contains the bio-nutrients to support growing plants and you want a 100% organic approach, use BioZomePLUS. It can be applied to condition the soil either months or weeks before planting or at the time of planting. BioZomePLUS contains more microbes per gram than BiozomeBOOST.

For poor or average-quality soil, then BioZomeBOOST is what you need. the essential bio-nutrients help to condition the soil for planting. To get the full benefit, we suggest that you plant within 1-7 days of applying it. BioZomeBOOST contains fewer microbes per gram than BioZomePLUS.

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  • biozomeplus or biozomeboost what to use
  • biozome plus in 4lb bag
  • BioZomeBOOST -

    • WHAT - Custom blend of archaea microbes, mycorrhizae, and bio-nutrients.
    • FOR - It's a soil amendment that conditions poor or average soil. Time released bio-nutrient slowly releases over months. Enhances soil and organic material.
    • WHERE - All types of indoor & outdoor plants, including annuals, perennials, seedlings, established plants, vegetables, herbs, crops, fruit trees, other types of trees, and shrubs.
  • biozomeplus is safe around children

    Can be safely used around children.

  • BioZomePLUS

    • WHAT - A blend of archaea microbes and mycorrhizae.
    • FOR - 100% organic soil amendment for soil that already has the necessary bio-nutrients for plants. 100% organic soil amendment,Enhances soil and organic material.
    • WHERE - All types of indoor & outdoor plants, including annuals, perennials, seedlings, seeds, established plants, vegetables, herbs, crops, fruit trees, and other types of trees and shrubs.